About Us

Welcome to Savvy Cheapskates, a site dedicated to finding the best ways to save money in a savvy way. We hate wasting money, so we’re always on the lookout for something cheap or even better – free. No matter whether you are a housewife or a college student, there are cool and painless ways you can save money to help you spend less and gain more. Read our articles and we’re sure that they will help you live more economically, stop throwing money away, and even get rid of your debt.

Who We Are

ProfileLiz Donovan is the Master Cheapskate. She founded this site because she got completely fed up with daily rip-offs and temptations of the big city. Even though Liz is a cheapskate, she values her quality of life. That’s why she keeps coming up with savvy ways to get the best for less. Liz doesn’t have any debt at all and she’s not planning to get into one. Not ever.

Liz loves writing, painting, playing the piano, travelling, and she’s a big fan of ITV crime drama. Feel free to connect with Liz on Google and Twitter.

Write for Us

Are you a cheapskate too? Do you love writing? Then we’d definitely like to hear from you! We are looking for passionate writers to become part of our community and share their own money-saving tips with the world. As a cheapskate, you will be asking “What’s in it for me?”. Well, if you have an AdSense account, you’ll get 60% of revenue from your posts. Plus you’ll be able to add your own affiliate links to your posts as long as they take our readers to quality products. We don’t allow Clickbank, though.

In addition to that, you will have an author box with your photo and bio under each of your posts. And if you become a regular contributor, you’ll be featured on this page as well.

So, if you’re interested, read our Terms of Use¬†and drop us a line telling us a bit about yourself and your writing experience.